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International organizations and their activities

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

The organization is in favor of positive change and provides countries with access to sources of knowledge, experience and resources to help people around the world build a better life.

United Nations Democracy Foundation United Nations Democracy Foundation
Financing projects aimed at developing and supporting democracy.
UNFPA supports projects aimed at strengthening the voice of civil society, supporting human rights, involving all groups in democratic processes. The bulk
Global Environment Facility (GEF) Global Environment Facility (GEF)

Solving environmental problems: biodiversity, climate change, chemicals and waste, land degradation, international waters, sustainable forest management.

United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF

Ensuring the right of every child to be brought up in the family environment, protecting youth, children and women from HIV and AIDS, ensuring the health and development of children,

Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P) Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P)

The E5R Fund was established to provide financial support in the form of grants and technical assistance in implementing energy efficiency and environmental improvement projects, which would result in significant


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