Open vacancies
Open vacancies

The Rivne city-territorial community is implementing an international Project on adaptation to climate change within the two-year NetZeroCities program.

Together with 52 other European pilot cities, we will implement innovative measures to improve adaptation to climate change and rapid decarbonization, in particular: creation of a community energy passport; development of scenarios for the city's transition to "zero" CO2 emissions by 2050; development of a system for daily monitoring of energy consumption by budget institutions, adapted to the needs of the city; purchase of educational equipment for the popularization of renewable energy sources for a vocational school; development and implementation of a training course for training specialists in the maintenance, installation and operation of equipment of renewable energy sources in a vocational technical institute; training and promotion of energy efficiency, climate neutrality through higher educational institutions for students and other interested parties (heads of budget institutions, representatives of condominiums, managers of utilities, etc.).

In this regard, the following vacancies are open: project manager, financial manager, project assistant.

Contact the Department of Economic Development of the Rivne City Council, address: Rivne, Postova St., 2, 3rd floor, contact person Inna Rudyk, phone: 099 245 0365,
Resumes should be sent to e-mails: and