Implementation is coming to an end in frame of the NEFCO-3 project
Implementation is coming to an end in frame of the NEFCO-3 project "Investments in the energy efficiency of public buildings and street lighting in Rivne"

In 2022, the cooperation between the executive committee of the Rivne City Council and the Northern Environmental Financial Corporation NEFKO regarding the implementation of joint energy efficiency projects continued.

As a result of the war in Ukraine and the introduction of martial law from February 24, 2022, NEFCO recognizes its consequences as the potential negative impact for the financed activities. Nevertheless, due to the high importance of the NEFCO-3 project during the war and in the post-war period, NEFCO continued the implementation of the joint project "Investments in the energy efficiency of public buildings and street lighting in the city of Rivne" with a revised size of the financing plan, where the funding sources were the NUEE grant (Norway-Ukraine Energy Efficiency Initiative) and co-financing by the city, despite the unavailability of the loan.

On May 16, 2022, NEFCO received a notice of non-objection from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway regarding the continuation of the financing of the project with the NUEE grant.

The following measures have already been implemented and will be implemented within the project:

thermal insulation of building envelopes (including basements);

replacement of windows;

replacement of the entrance doors;

thermal insulation of roofs;

installation of building heat units (BHU);

solar water heaters for hot water supply;

modernization of inside lighting;

upgrade of kitchen equipment;

water taps with reduced pressure;

balancing of the in-building heating .

Within the scope of the project, full thermal modernization measures are being implemented for the following facilities:

preschool education institution (PEI, kindergarten) No.14 of the artistic and aesthetic direction of the Rivne City Council;

preschool education institution (kindergarten) No. 33 of the Rivne City Council;

preschool education institution (kindergarten) of the combined type No. 46 of the Rivne City Council

You can find a photo of the implemented measures below.

PEI No. 14

PEI No. 33

PEI No. 46

Also, within the scope of the project, incandescent lamps were replaced with modern LED in 31 publicly owned buildings and 11 preschool educational institutions in Rivne, and modern kitchen equipment, faucets, and aerators were installed.

Installation of individual heat units (8 units), incl. insulation of pipelines, fittings, elements of the heating unit, furbishing of premises and connection of communications, balancing heating systems, replacement of older heating units will take place at the following facilities: Secondary School No. 15 (new and old school), Secondary School No. 22, Secondary School No. 25, Secondary School No. 28, Music School No. 2, School of Education No. 33, Department of Urban Planning and Architecture.

The total investment cost of the project is estimated at EUR 1,393,880, of which EUR 1,200,000 is an investment grant from the NUEE Fund, and EUR 193,880 is a city contribution.

The results of the implementation of the project are the improvement of the aesthetic appearance of public buildings, the improvement of the living conditions of children, tutors/teachers, and the reduction of electricity and water consumption. Which, in turn, will help to reduce emissions by at least 805 tCO2/year and reduce the city's energy and maintenance costs.