Rivne municipal territorial community is comfortable for relocated business
Rivne municipal territorial community is comfortable for relocated business

Many enterprises relocated to the Rivne municipal territorial community. Among them is the "Esmero-Service" enterprise, which moved from Hostomel and produces coffee and tea, as well as leases equipment for coffee shops. Andrii Yagushchyn, a native of Rivne, chairs the enterprise.

Also, there are already four coffee shops "Finka-Cafe" in Rivne, which offer high-quality farm coffee, unique cocoa, tea and fresh homemade pastries.

Representatives of the Department of Strategic Development and Investments visited one of the coffee shops "Finka-Cafe" operating in Rivne and talked with the co-owner of the coffee shop Andriy Yagushchyn.

Andrii says that before the war, there was a barista academy for elementary and professional levels, headed by a certified jury from SCA. Currently, it is planned to resume the training in the art of coffee brewing in Rivne, both for IDPs and all those willing.

Placement of relocated enterprises in the Rivne community made it possible to create additional jobs and increase tax revenues to the community budget.

Millions of people around the world cannot imagine their life without coffee. For many, a cup of this drink is a source of happiness and satisfaction, and a boost of energy for the whole day.

We encourage you to start your morning with a visit to Finka-Cafe, tasting delicious coffee and pastries, where you can also pick natural freshly ground coffee and prepare a magical drink at home.

Andrii Yagushchyn, head of Esmero-Service LLC, co-owner of Finka-Cafe coffee shops (left), Roman Shirko, deputy head of the department for strategic development and investments (right)

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