Rivne won a grant to create a vision to reduce emissions to 0
Rivne won a grant to create a vision to reduce emissions to 0

Great news! The city of Rivne is the only one among the cities of Ukraine to receive a grant in the amount of 973 thousand euros and joins the fight against climate change within the framework of the NetZeroCities Pilot Cities Program - a two-year program financed by the European Union Mission.

The team of the Department of Economic Development of the Rivne City Council worked on writing and submitting the grant application.

Together with 52 other pilot cities, such as Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Istanbul, we will implement innovative measures to improve adaptation to climate change and rapid decarbonization.

Together with local higher education institutions, public organizations and with the help of experts from EU countries, Rivne will implement a wide range of measures, including:
1. Creation of the energy passport of the community.
2. Development of scenarios for the city's transition to "zero" CO2 emissions by 2050.
3. Education and popularization of energy efficiency through educational institutions of the city.

With the help of the Pilot Cities Program, we will be able to implement new, more ecological approaches to lifestyle and work, modernization of transport and buildings, energy systems, waste management, etc.

We will use three levers for implementing changes: quality management, finance, and the political component. The Pilot Cities program will be an opportunity to share knowledge with other cities, building on each other's experiences, replicating and scaling solutions that work in similar contexts. This will ultimately lead to an accelerated transition towards climate neutrality in Europe.