NEFCO in Rivne again
NEFCO in Rivne again

In the Department of Strategic Development and Investment for three days from 4 to 6 November, work is planned to prepare for the implementation of the project NEFCO-3 "Implementation of energy saving in institutions and establishments belonging to the communal property of Rivne."

The first day of the working meeting was attended by representatives of NEFCO, Sveko and Garde, Mayor V. Khomko, representatives of structural units of the Executive Committee of Rivne City Council, which are involved in the preparation of the NEFCO-3 project (Department of Education, Capital Construction, Budget and Finance). ), as well as PJSC "Esko-Rivne" and KP "Misksvitlo".

The main issues discussed during the meeting were energy efficiency measures to be implemented in educational institutions (schools and preschools) of the city.

Also, the main financial aspects of the project were discussed, such as the total cost of investment, payback period and overall savings from the implementation of energy efficiency measures.