NEFCO executives inspected the work in Rivne
NEFCO executives inspected the work in Rivne

On August 27, 2018, the city of Rivne was visited by a delegation from NEFCO consisting of: NEFCO Managing Director Magnus Rustedt, Director of NEFCO Representative Office in Ukraine, Senior Investment Manager Yulia Shevchuk, Technical Consultant of NEFCO Representative Office in Ukraine Oleksiy Dumik and Investment Specialist of Ukraine Lyashenko.

The Rivne City Council met with Mayor Volodymyr Khomko, Head of the Strategic Development and Investment Department Roman Shyrko and Head of the Capital Construction Department Serhiy Kushnir.

During the working meeting, the completion of works on full thermal modernization of secondary schools № 18, 27 within the NEFCO-1 project "Implementation of energy saving in three schools and energy management system in budget institutions of Rivne", funded by the Northern Environmental Financial Corporation NE and the city budget.

During the meeting, the results of the NEFCO-1 project in the city of Rivne were summed up and the directions of actions regarding the city's participation in the NEFCO-2 and NEFCO-3 projects were determined.

Representatives of NEFCO also visited the facilities for which NEFCO-1 project measures have been implemented and praised the work done.