Senior Experten Servise Expert Mission (Bonn, Germany)
Senior Experten Servise Expert Mission (Bonn, Germany)
In order to intensify investment activity, increase the tourist attractiveness of the city of Rivne, from August 14 to September 3, within the framework of the Investment Program of the city of Rivne for 2014-2016, the expert mission of Senior Experten Servise (Bonn, Germany) was implemented. The mission expert made recommendations in the field of tourism and investment activities.
The German Senior Service SES, the German Economic Cooperation Foundation, is a leading public organization in Germany that brings together retired professionals and volunteer counseling services.
The purpose of the visit is to improve the image of the city and its recognition as a place for investment.
During the expert mission, an expert interview with local government officials, the regional state administration, Director of the InvestInRivne Agency, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, leading companies in the city of Rivne, heads of cultural institutions, airport director, etc. were organized and provided an interview with an expert.
Activities of the expert mission:
1. Interview with officials of Rivne city authorities, mayor and representatives of the executive committee.
2. Interviews with local entrepreneurs, managers of local companies, consultants, artists, students of Rivne Higher Educational Institutions.
3. Workshop (SWOT) with the participation of 8 people on the basis of the Regional Center for retraining and upgrading of employees of state authorities, local self-government bodies, state enterprises, institutions and organizations. The workshop identified the strengths and weaknesses of the city of Rivne, its potential and threats.
4. Develop a briefing for creating promotional videos for attracting potential investors.
5. Visiting cultural institutions (theater, museums), tourist attractions, sports events and festivals (music, jazz and cinema).
6. Providing the expert with the necessary materials about the city of Rivne, statistical information.

The result of the expert's mission, Klaus Gengenbach, was the recommendations for the city of Rivne in the field of tourism and investment activities.