About the Department of strategic development and investment

Department of Strategic Development and Investment of the Executive Committee of the Rivne City Council was formed in accordance with the decision of the Rivne City Council of December 30, 2008, No. 2133 "On Amendments to the Structure of the Executive Bodies of the Rivne City Council, the Office of the Council and its Executive Committee, as well as the Regulations on the Department of Service in the bodies of local self-government and personnel and regime-secret work ".


- Realization of the national social and economic policy on the territory of the city, development and implementation of the Strategic Plan of Economic and Social Development of the city of Rivne, city-wide economic programs in cooperation with the City Economic Department of the Executive Committee of the Rivne City Council.
- Promoting integrated economic and social development of the city, improving the location of productive forces, developing interregional and intergovernmental economic ties, protecting economic security and economic interests of the territorial community and shaping a market competitive environment.
- Participation in the development of the strategic plan and target investment programs on the issues of socio-economic development of the city, other documentation related to the improvement of the efficiency of the executive bodies of the Rivne City Council, the organization of their implementation and submission to the Rivne City Council of reports on the progress of these decisions.
- Facilitating the attraction of investments and credit resources for the development of the city, implementation of projects of international technical assistance aimed at the socio-economic development of the city of Rivne.
- Organization of conducting of scientific researches for definition of strategic measures on development of city of Rivne and development of an effective mechanism of implementation of their results into practice.
- Participation in co-operation with other departments in the preparation of local programs of economic and social importance, environmental programs, programs for housing and road construction, improvement, communal and social and cultural services of the population, etc.


- Prepares proposals for implementation of the Strategic Plan for the development of the city of Rivne.
- Implementation of measures for attraction of investments, creation of joint ventures (with foreign investments), definition of perspective objects and directions of investment.
- Organization of work related to conducting information activities on the search and attraction of potential investors.
- Carries out measures and promotes the creation of appropriate conditions aimed at the development and organization of interregional and international cooperation in the field of foreign economic activity.

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