About the Department of strategic development and investment

Department of Strategic Development and Investment of the Department of the Rivne City Council was formed in accordance with the decision of the Rivne City Council of December 30, 2008, No. 2133 "On Amendments to the Structure of the Executive Bodies of the Rivne City Council, the Office of the Council and its Executive Committee, as well as the Regulations on the Department of Service in the bodies of local self-government and personnel and regime-secret work ".

The main tasks of the Department:

- definition of the basic directions of realization of investment policy, development of the measures directed on attraction of investments, including foreign credit and grant resources, for development of economic and investment potential of the city of Exactly;

- development and implementation of programs and measures aimed at creating a favorable investment climate;

- interaction with foreign financial funds and organizations, monitoring the possibilities of attracting and using financing for urban investment projects from potential external sources (banks, international donors and projects, governments, etc.);

- organization and holding of meetings and / or presentations of the city's investment potential for potential investors, foreign investors (investor's representatives), international financial organizations, etc .;

- preparation and distribution of presentation materials on the investment potential of the city of Rivne at the national and international levels;

- formation of the list of investment projects, offers and platforms of municipal and private property (objects like greenfield, brownfield, industrial premises, office premises, etc.);

- coordination and control within the limits of the powers of activity of executive bodies of the Rivne city council in the field of foreign economic relations, investment activity and realization of grant projects;

- participation in the development and implementation of international technical assistance projects aimed at socio-economic development of the city;

- holding forums, conferences, "round tables" on attracting investment, including foreign credit and grant resources for the development of economic and investment potential of the city of Rivne;

- coordination of work on the development, implementation and monitoring of program strategic documents for the implementation of long-term priorities and strategic goals of the city;
- monitoring and analysis of the main indicators of investment and foreign economic activity, preparation of analytical materials;

Regulations on Department